The traditional bolo tie dates back to the 1940’s when it is said a silversmith /cowboy named Victor Cedarstaff from Flagstaff, Arizona invented it to help keep his cowboy hat from flying off while he was on his horse.

Since then, a lot has changed. Its designs and styles have been heavily influenced by Native American artisans. Their use of stamped sterling silver, turquoise stones and inlay designs have given the bolo tie new purpose in the fashion world.

Many of our Spirt of Santa Fe customers want to put their own personal touch on there bolo tie. Just recently one of our collectors came in looking for a bolo tie, but not just any bolo tie. Inspired by her travels throughout New Mexico, she was taken by the different textures and designs of sterling silver.  In addition to the silver, the various colors of turquoise had her thinking. Thus, the idea of a custom bolo tie came into play and our project began.

Custom Bolo Tie
Bolo Tie Casting
Hand Made Bolo Tie
Custom Bolo Tie

Instead of starting from scratch, we decided to start with a vintage bolo tie that she fell in love with. It had been crafted in the style of “sandcast”, one of the oldest forms of making jewelry. The silver bolo tie had ­a unique design and texture that spoke to her. It was strung on a hand-woven brown leather cord. The tips were handmade with a natural aged patina. Knowing that we had the perfect base to start from, the client began to look for the perfect stone. We were able to source a stone from the 1970’s. With her direction we worked on the design and layout of her new bolo tie. The finished piece was exactly what she wanted and a true reflection of her style. As she wore her custom bolo tie for the first time, she knew it was her forever piece.