Kingman Turquoise Jewelry by Spirit of Santa Fe

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry Collection

Kingman Turquoise is a gemstone prized for its history and beauty. Extracted from the Mineral Park Mining District near Kingman, Arizona, where it is one of the largest domestically-mined turquoises. A rich history surrounds the Kingman mine, with Native Americans being the first to mine it, now considered to be part of the most extensive prehistoric workings in Arizona. The Colbaugh family’s company, Colbaugh Processing, currently owns and operates the mine.

New natural Kingman turquoise is becoming a rare find as the Colbaugh family delves into older sections of the mine. Although high-quality natural Kingman still exists, the majority of turquoise is mined at Kingman AZ, in the southwestern United States and undergoes treatment or stabilization.

If you desire fine gemstones, Kingman is a must-have. Its distinctive deep blue color and matrix make it one of the most recognizable and in-demand turquoise. As a collector, jewelry designer, or someone who appreciates beauty, a piece of Kingman turquoise Jewelry will bring history and elegance to your collection. Cherish it for generations to come.