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Spirit of Santa Fe

JM 227 Kingman turquoise inlay cuff bracelet


Well known Zuni Tribe artist Larry Loretto has crafted this inlay bracelet. Done in his signature style of using strips of square wire soldered together as a base and using round wire on the edges giving the bracelet a smooth outside edge. In doing this a channel is created in which the Kingman turquoise is inlayed into. Measuring 1/2″ in width 15 individual stones throughout the bracelet. This bracelet is not able to be shaped but we do offer different sizes of this style from Larry Loretto. Please contact us with any questions.

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JM 227 Kingman turquoise inlay cuff bracelet Details



Larry Loretto learned by both watching and also some guidance from his brother-in-law, Johnny Coonsis.  In fact there is some resemblance in Larry’s earlier designs with those of his mentor. Larry’s earlier designs were also similar, but easily distinguishable from, to those of Troy Natachu. Over the past fifteen years, Larry has been quite productive as the demand for his designs has grown.

Larry lives in Zuni and is currently trying to interest his 20 year old son, Shane, to work with him.


Kingman Turquoise originates in the Mineral Park Mining District near Kingman, Arizona. One of the largest domestic turquoise mines, it is found in a large open pit copper mine in the high desert country. The Kingman Mine district was first mined by Native Americans; it was part of the most extensive prehistoric workings in Arizona.

However, modern production of turquoise dates to the 1880’s when James Haas rediscovered the area. Natural Kingman Turquoise ranges in color from light to very dark blue and sometimes tints of green. Matrix can range from white, light brown to black and frequently flecked with pyrite and occasionally quartz. The most famous stones from this mine are rounded bright blue nuggets with black matrix. Few turquoise mines produced nuggets, especially of this quality. In its high-grade form it has always been considered among the top-quality American turquoise. This high blue color has become a “color standard” in the industry, reflected by the name “Kingman Blue”. However, much of the turquoise from Kingman occurs as seams, masses, and veins, rather than in nugget form. Besides the nugget form, the most desirable Kingman turquoise is a deep blue with molybdenum pyrite; also, deep blue with pyrite as well as in a “bird’s eye” pattern with “water web” matrix.

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