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Spirit of Santa Fe

War Shirt brown leather


Handcrafted Native American war shirt. The artist has taken great care in  crafting this shirt. Natural brown leather, horse hair, brass elements and beaded strips are used. Measuring approximately 6ft across and 4ft in length. This is a large shirt that looks great hanging over a fireplace or entryway. It comes with an inner structure that allows it to hand on a large nail or hanging element.

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War Shirt brown leather Details

Native American war shirts used by southwest Indian tribes are a very interesting part of American history. Worn by braves as badges of honor, they were created using elements gathered during a battle to serve as a memorial of the battle and the bravery of the warrior. Indian war shirts were often made of buckskin and then decorated extensively with accents such as beading, feathers, animal tails or even pieces of cloth and bullet cartridges, anything collected at the site.

These sacred shirts were only worn by the bravest warriors of the tribe. Heavily embellished war shirts were never actually worn during combat…instead, they were only worn by the warrior during ceremonial rituals as a way to honor a warrior’s tribe and recount his battle exploits

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