Turquoise, known as the Sky Stone by Native American Indian Tribes in the Southwest, is an ancient talisman for health and happiness. People all over the world have long been captivated by Turquoise. Other cultures believe Turquoise, one of the loveliest of gemstones, possesses protective powers. Turquoise appeals to us because every stone is unique. We value the fact that Turquoise comes in so many colors and varieties.
The American Southwest is a region uniquely blessed with some of the finest Turquoise. The Navajo Indian and Zuni Indian Tribes in the southwest are masters at creating the most beautiful Turquoise Jewelry. The Native American Indian craftsman are also expert silversmiths and use Sterling Silver to enhance their Turquoise Jewelry. Sterling silver is 925 pure Silver and frequently used in Native American Jewelry. Native American Jewelry has a timeless appeal as it has been found in excavations of prehistoric Native American Indian Pueblos. Native American Tribes take pride in continuing the tradition of artistic excellence.