Grandpa Jake left Texas in 1945……headed west to find work.  He landed in Gallup, New Mexico and for those of you not familiar…..this is the heart of the Navajo Nation.  Zuni is to the east, Santa Domingo to the north, and Hopi to the west.  Talk about a foreign land……thank goodness he had the luxury of traveling with his brothers so I am sure that many of the real stories of this journey we will never know.  

Upon his arrival, Grandpa Jake began understanding the culture and saw the value in the craft and unique spirit that these kind creatures of the Navajo Nation possessed.  I mean really?….what could be easier…..blend into a culture where you have no similar features or common heritage?  Piece of cake……not really…. but over time, there became a trust which was all that was needed to start what is today a 3rd generation family trade alive and well.  

This is how this family found their spirit!