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  • The traditional bolo tie dates back to the 1940’s when it is said a silversmith /cowboy named Victor Cedarstaff from Flagstaff, Arizona invented it to help keep his cowboy hat [...]

  • Although its origins come from the far east (Persian and Turkistan) Turquoise is a stone synonymous with the Southwest and the Native American culture. In modern times, people have [...]

  • Grandpa Jake left Texas in 1945......headed west to find work.  He landed in Gallup, New Mexico and for those of you not familiar.....this is the heart of the Navajo Nation. [...]

  • After 20 years of navigating through Corporate America.....it was time for a change. Everyone had told me that the early years were the time to be home with your children [...]

  • Turquoise: Turquoise, known as the Sky Stone by Native American Indian Tribes in the Southwest, is an ancient talisman for health and happiness. People all over the world have long [...]